Need pest control?


Here at EMC Pest Control and Cleaning Services, our guarantee to you, is to keep your home pest free, leaving your home protected against pests and rodents.

What We Do

Our primary goal is to educate and managecontrol or eliminate the pest or rodent problem. We protect residential and commercial properties against disease, injury and damage caused by pests and rodents.  This includes bed bugs, mice, rats, cockroaches, silverfish, firebrats, earwigs, squirrels, spiders, carpenter ants, sugar ants, beetles, bats, raccoons, chipmunks, clover mites, strawberry root weevils, wasps and more!  Each pest has a tell; a sign to look for.  Please use our website as a resource for determining who is invading your space, what to do and when to call us. In fact, we love to help!  Call or email us today for more information.

Pest Services Offered

EMC Pest Control & Cleaning Services is your friendly, knowledgeable resource on pests and rodents in the Aloha area. We offer a comprehensive list of services to ensure your home and office is both safe and pest free. We are proud to offer:


  • A proactive approach to pest and rodent management and control and limiting the use of chemicals and products in your home or office.
  • Professional and Comprehensive, yet simple pest control solutions for all varieties of pests and rodents.
  • Complete commercial and residential pest and rodent control services.
  • The best in bed bug extermination and protection.
  • Fast, effective, friendly, and affordable pest and rodent control services.
  • Our service guarantee. We treat you and your home or office with the utmost respect and dignity, following through as many times as it takes to deliver on our promise, no matter the peskiness of the pest.