About Us

Hello! Welcome to EMC Pest Control and Cleaning Services. We’re excited you’re spending a few minutes getting to know us. We love what we do! If that seems a little, well… overly passionate for two people who tackle pest and dust, you have got to hear our story.

I am Edwin and have been married to Melanie, my wife, over 20 years. We both share a vision of serving people. We started in the Dominican Republic, serving and ministering to its people for 11 years. We originally planned to stay for five years. Five years turned easily into 11. Following this incredible experience, we settled in Alaska, working for a dear friend, who happened to be the owner of the second largest pest control company in the state. Little did we know this opportunity would inspire us to create EMC Pest Control and Cleaning Services. We spent eight years learning as much as we could before forming our own company. Our purpose was to bring you the experience of a large pest control company with the benefits and service attention of a family owned business. I wanted to educate the homeowners and businesses as I worked with them. I wanted to add the serve back into service with every appointment I made.

I also attend a couple times a year to some pest control seminars to get the required credit for my licenses. My most recent seminar was the OPCA Southern Oregon Seminar which covered the topics below.

  • Spider Biology and Control
  • Ant Control
  • Flies
  • Rodent Behavior and Control

We joined a volunteer community program, sold our business and moved to Aloha, where we now call home. EMC Pest Control and Cleaning Services took root here.

Melanie, originally from the Coos Bay area, loved the area and put her roots in deep into the community, family and her friends.

We have created our niche and look forward to meeting you and providing our professional pest management and cleaning service to you!