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EMC Pest Control and Cleaning Services in Aloha

EMC Pest Control and Cleaning Services is your best choice to help you with your needs.  We aren’t just the exterminator who comes to exterminate your pests. We offer education and pest management services.  We are your personal pest control company.  We’ll treat you like family, treat your house like home and your business like your dream.  We are a full service pest control and cleaning service company, and have the personal touch of a family owned business. Let us help make your home pest free!

Bugs! Those pesky little things that invade our space. They can be a constant problem, seasonal issue or a what-in-the-world-are-these problem. Regardless of whether they’ve settled in your home or are just passing through, we have a full range of education, prevention, management and extermination.

Dust!  And all other things that are as just as much of a nuisance.  Pets.  Kids.  Life.  It’s all messy.  We can help you weekly, monthly or as simply as tackling a one time or seasonal project.

Who We Are

EMC Pest Control & Cleaning Services is a locally owned, family business with knowledge and experience both deep and wide.

Our Mission

“Two people who have tried to do something with their lives that’s not all about themselves but about people.”

Services We Offer


Ants….They seem to come from nowhere and yet be everywhere.  If you have ants at your home or business, give us a call today for our efficient ant removal service.


The most common Oregon rodents include the house mouse and rats.  They pose a significant public health risk and carry diseases too.  If you have a rodent problem, give us a call.

Cleaning Services

We have services available for residential, commercial, multifamily and property management customers.  We offer both ongoing services and short-term services.

Why choose EMC Pest Control and Cleaning Services


We can help with something as significant as unexpected pest problems and as time consuming as floors, bathrooms and appliances.  We’re here to make sure your taken care of.


We use environmentally safe pest control products and cleaning supplies.  Your family is important to you and our products are safe for your whole family, including your pets.


Your Home.  We recognize it’s one of your biggest assets.  We know our stuff and we know people.   We take care of your home just like we do our own home.


Whether you need our services once, or you would like to schedule our services on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.  We tailor our services to meet your needs.

What Clients Have To Say

Edwin came over on a holiday weekend to check out my home for bedbugs.  Thank goodness none were living in my home!!  Edwin was very thorough and explained what bedbugs looked like and how they get into homes.
I know I will sleep well tonight!!

Thank you Edwin!!

Jeani W

What Clients Have To Say

Thank you Edwin for your committed, professional and timely help. It has been a pleasure to meet you and utilize your service.

Best wishes to you, your family and your business.

Whether You Have Pests or Dust

Recognizing your specific pest or rodent is an important first step.  There are more than one ant or spider, big differences between a wasp and a bee, and there are lots of little black bugs.  We’ve created this website to help you determine just what your battle will be against. We’ve hopefully given you the tools to narrow down the possibilities of what it could be. We’ve shared the dangers, their prevention and some facts about each one.


Common Pacific Northwest rodents include bats, mice, rats, shrews, squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, raccoons, opossum, moles, beaver, hare, rabbit, gophers and voles.


Common Pacific Northwest pests and bugs include bed bugs, cockroaches, firebrats, silverfish, earwigs, spiders, ants, beetles, weevils, wasps, bees, moths, flies, stinkbugs, grasshoppers, flies, crickets and centipedes.

Cleaning Services

We have services available for residential, commercial, multifamily and property management customers. We offer scheduling for ongoing services and for short-term services, allowing flexibility within the customer’s needs. We specialize in both deep cleaning and spot cleaning service.